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"lets become stronger than the excuses!"



The Gym corp

“The Gym” is your home away from home. Our facilities provide a private setting, with all the necessary expertise to accommodate anyone and everyone. We have been operating at Brooklyn Med Park for the past 15 years very successfully and relaunched our strategy to accommodate and facilitate all your fitness needs. We do recognise that personal wellness is not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy, and therefore we accommodate every individual to suit their personal goals.


We offer a wide variety of expertise under one roof and will help you find the inner best version of who you really can be!

We have various memberships available, including personal training, biokinetics and individual nutritional planning to only name a few. We have a straightforward approach that will get you where you want to be, with no unnecessary bells and hollow whistles.

Become part of our family and join “The Gym.”


CHOOSE a trainer that best suits your needs

Manie Lemmer Jr.

I have been an active Qualified conditioning specialist since 2004. I completed my studies at the IIFT (International Institute of Fitness and Training).

My passion is to help people with an urge to better themselves. Not only physically, but mentally as well. Being In shape is not only a physical thing but a mental thing – this is the lifestyle. I am just as serious as you will ever be to get you to the top.

I can offer you:

  • Body transformation

  • Nutritional planning

  • Personal training

  • Online training

  • Fitness coaching

  • Stage coaching

  • Muscle building

  • Fat loss

  • Sport-specific training

  • Bodybuilding coaching

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Manie Lemmer snr.

About Me:

I have been actively training and competing as a bodybuilder from the late 80’ies. After numerous years of living in the sport as a hobby, I made my passion my day job and opened our first training studio in Pretoria in 2004. We have had a long-standing relationship with our loyal clientele for more than 15 years and changed numerous lives and lifestyles! If you need to change, I will show you the way.

I can offer you:

  • Body transformation

  • Nutritional planning

  • Personal training

  • Fitness coaching

  • Muscle building

  • Fat loss

  • Bodybuilding coaching

Contact me directly at 079 355 6759

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Daniela Vannucchi.

My name is Daniela Vannucchi and I’m a qualified biokineticist.  I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2004, from teaching students to providing personal training to clients of all ages and fitness levels.


I believe that exercise is essential to improve your wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Movement is medicine and improves health significantly, especially living the modern lifestyle we do these days.

Remember, a good coach can change your body, but a great coach can change your entire life.

Come join me for a better you.

My specialities include:

- injury rehabilitation,

- corrective exercises

- strength and conditioning

- nutrition

- yoga

- stretch and core stability

- massage therapy

- kettlebell training



Philip Meyer.

my name is philip meyer and i am a fully qualified personal trainer and lifestyle coach. i have a passion for seeing people reach their full potential in life, both physically and mentally. i subscribe to the adage: "you are what you put in". i am committed to provide my expertise, experience and motivation to ensure that my clients are enlightened and inspired so that they might reap the absolute best rewards. Strenght and honor. 

My specialities include:

- diploma in exercise science and sports conditioning

- higher certificate in personal training

- certified kettlebell instructor

- certified Bootcamp instructor

Contact me at: 082 631 7249




As the “Mother of Bodybuilding” in South Africa I have a long interest in body work. Starting as a long distance athlete at the University of Potchefstroom, I developed an interest in resistance training, but my more formal bodybuilding career started in 1983. I was awarded numerous first places, both nationally and internationally, and I have competed as a professional athlete in both WPF and WFF/WBBF International Federations.

I have also taken up leadership positions, as a chief judge locally and internationally; and in 2010 I became the founder and National President of the World Fitness Federation (WFF).

Training and developing others is close to my heart. I have worked with elite athletes like Hestrie Cloete ( Olympic High Jump) and Richard Sterney (USA Open Golf Champion). In 2004 I became co-owner of the Fabuloss Physique private training studio where I have trained and produced two WFF professional athletes and helped bikini and male sports models to achieve camera-ready bodies. 

All of this work is backed up by an IIFT International Diploma from the University of Pretoria and a Level 2 First Aid certificate from the Services & Training Academy.

I am very results driven and develop a very close relationship with my clients to get the results they want. Your wish is my command! We work hard but we play even harder.

My motto in life: SOLI DEO GLORIA

What I can do for YOU? 

  • Personal training

  • Sport specific training

  • Bikini and sports model preparation

  • Body building, including competition & stage prepping

  • Body transformation

  • Nutritional guidance, mass gain and fat loss

  • High intensity group training

  • Fitness coaching

  • Pre- and post-natal training

Contact me at  079 3774 350

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Core Exercise

"I have trained for over 10 years and tried every training under the sun, and have trained with Manie Jr for about a year and a half now and won't be leaving, I can honestly say no one I've met have the knowledge and heart Manie possesses and I've never had a more hands on experience with a coach or mentor at a competition . Not only helping me reaching my fitness goals Manie has helped me win a battle with depression and suicide which lasted through most of my life and also helped me find my way in life when I was lost. Loyalty, Respect, Love, Understanding, humility, honesty is the key elements Die Baardwolf training ethos system is based off, train and work hard and Manie will work even harder keeping you on track in life and in fitness." - Evan Fourie

Contact us 

152 Olivier str

Brooklyn Med park

Brooklyn House 2



Cell: 0714528141

Email : 

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